St. James Middle School9

Myrtle Beach, SC | Horry County


February 9, 2014

This school is no good. All of you only hear about the little amount of good things at this school. Let me start with the teachers, although some of them are cool the rest are all rude and lack respect for the students. The principles don't care about anyone and are very judgmental. The kids are the worst part, they have no respect for anyone and they could care less about anyone's feelings. The 7th and 8th.graders are out of.control and break the law. Two seventh graders were arrested last year for selling weed in school. And I have witnessed kids do pills and drink in class. I do not rrccomend this school to anyone.

January 10, 2014

This school is horrible! The teachers aren't great, the vice principles are power hungry, the 8th grade principle in particular. The one real bad part of this school are the academic counselors. They will do next to nothing to help you with what ever your issue may be. One of the counselors is real bad at this. I tried to get changed out of one of my classes, and she didn't even have to common courtesy to respond to my requests! And what do I get out of it? I get punished with a referral and 3 days of ISS. All in all, do NOT go to this school, or you WILL regret it.

October 24, 2013

We just moved here from NJ and we couldn't be happier with the school system. It is leaps and bounds above the NJ school system we left, and we lived in an upscale, upper middle class neighborhood. Everyone at SJMS is happy, friendly and cares. It is well-oiled, and disciplined, yet still knows how to let the kids have fun and be kids!!

Submitted by a parent

July 18, 2011

Our school is great except for the cheerleaders who get to break the dress code and always get special treatment!!! Everyone says there is a lot of bullying but there is not it is a lot of fun! I had great teachers such as Ms.Stewart (6th), Mr.Warrick (6th), Mrs.Williams (6th), and Mrs. Kerns (6th)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! _Rising 7th grader

August 3, 2010

St. james needs to stop bullying!!!!! i am serious cuz my sister went to that school since 6 grade to 7 grade and all those years people were making fun of her and honestly hurt her feelings !! come one can the principle do something about it...

March 11, 2010

This school will DO NOTHING to stop the BULLYING that takes place here daily ! My son has been in this school for almost 3 years and when I asked 'how was your day' his first reply is So and so, kicked me, hit me, punched me etc...I have brought these issues to the AVP for each grade. STILL NOTHING gets done. They DO NOT ENFORCE nor REMIND kids to keep their hands to themselves. They don't take the bullying seriously at this school at all. Other than the constant bullying being the worst part of my kids daily day, the school teacher's are relatively good and do try to do what is best for the students. Improvement is needed is other area's.

Submitted by a parent

August 24, 2009

Excellent School, from North Jersey (Bergen County) also lived in Brick Twp (Ocean County) I am very happy with this school!!!

Submitted by a parent

August 22, 2009

The school is pretty good overall. There are definetly some changes that could take place. Our sixth grade vice-principal could use a bit of an attitude adjustment, she's very harsh towards the students. However, the seventh grade vice-principal is off the hook. Some of the teachers need to get real. They overload you with homework! A few of the sixth grade teachers in particular. How are we supposed to get outside if we have homework till eight'o'clock at night, and that's only if you start right when you get home. Some of the teachers that really deserve a shout-out are Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Onderdonk, Mrs. White, and Mr. Propst. They really care about their students, and will take you aside and talk to you if you are having a bad day. I think that the school goes a bit overboard with sports. Plus, the cheerleaders get to break the school dress code.

Submitted by a student

August 26, 2008

This is a very good school and the teachers want to do good, that's why they are there. Parents need to be responsible for their children. Too much nowadays parents blame everyone else for things that are their own fault. Parents - get involved, take responsibility, grow up, teach your children by example and then you may appreciate and understand the teacher's challenges. This school is clean and bright, the teachers are dedicated, alert and happy. They are not miracle workers (although I have seen them perform miracles). The Administration is Excellent and caring.

Submitted by a parent

August 22, 2008

im a student entering the 8th grade and i belive teachers and admistrators succh as: Mr.ryan, mrs. winnsett, mrs. register, mrs watkins, mrs.arruda, and mrs.simmons and then some make the school amazing!

Submitted by a student

May 25, 2007

This school is the best school in the world. Parents think that it isn't good because people get in trouble but they need to get over it. The teachers are amazing and the administration is even more incredible. The teachers push the students to do their best and the adminstrators are hard on us because they want students to do their best and not have to worry about making trouble throughout the students lives.

Submitted by a student

August 14, 2005

Teachers, students and parents are eager to excel. This school could really shine under a better leadership.

Submitted by a parent

March 14, 2005

Good school overall, but the administration is very 'political' with certain groups ($$$) The '2' for Safety/Discipline applies to the discipline only. The school is safe in my eyes

Submitted by a parent

October 7, 2004

Hardworking and dedicated, the teachers are amazing. I appreciate the concern, time, effort, and patience given to both my gifted and learning disabled children. Upbeat student-centered atmosphere and great extra-curricular activities. Kudos to special ed department!

Submitted by a parent

March 11, 2004

The teachers are hard working and dedicated. I appreciate the extra mile that they go to better our children. I wish the administration would rise to the challenge.

Submitted by a parent

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